The beginnings.

A company born out of necessity.

THDCo. was invented because of a real need in my immediate community for good, fast website creation. What I DIDN'T anticipate, was that the need for good design would overflow from my community and into the outer rim of my region. It's a perfect business model because it is a one stop shop for getting a website set up in as little time as possible. AND IT STILL LOOKS GOOD.

Why Squarespace? Why two weeks? Why design too?

1) Keep it simple.
2) Keep it simple.
3) Keep it simple.

When designing my site for the wedding photography side of my life, I realized that I was capable of doing something that a LOT of people can't do.. I could design my site and the custom elements in it, create copy that wasn't boring and actually CREATE my site (with customized CSS) all in about a day. When I told my friends and clients about what I was doing, they were like..

UMMMMM sign me up please, okay?! 

And why wouldn't they be?! You can get a pretty swanky website full of amazing content that's visually appealing to your clients and get this....... is totally FUNCTIONAL for your business! I design sites that have fun forms, easy to navigate pages, gorgeous imagery, and teach you how to use SEO and analytics tracking to harness the power of your client base. You could even add on marketing like newsletter creation and integration and take things to a whole. othaaa. levellllll.

So now you know. Websites can be fun, and they can do more than just float around in the interweb space and cost you money and a ton of hassle to put together. 

If you're now thinking... hey I may need a website, then let's jump right in and get you on the books! 

Taylor Heery Griffith

Hendersonville NC, USA

I'm a Wedding and Portrait photographer in Hendersonville & Asheville NC! I love sunset engagement shoots on the mountain, and also own a web design & branding  company.