Modern & Professional Headshots | Why YOU need them!

Headshots can be FUN & UNIQUE!

Yes, you heard me right!  You don't have to stick to the traditional definition of a headshot or business portrait anymore! And the people said..... AMENNN!!!

One of my clients least favorite things to do is think about headshots. It's a fairly critical step in the business building process, the point where your face meets your brand. Y'all... it can be really stressful. Maybe you want to look professional & powerful, but relatable too. Or perhaps your brand is totally fun and whimsical because you own the cutest cupcake shop ever, but you got into baking because your love math, science and technical things... and your personality doesn't 100% match this bubbly brand.. or at least not on the outside. What the heck are you going to do?!

The fact is, when businesses use fun and professional headshots in their branding, their clients (or POTENTIAL clients) are able to look at the brand and IMMEDIATELY have a sense of trust and understanding, because they see the PERSON behind the BUSINESS. There's a lot of new chatter about putting you in your biz, and letting your own values and ideals really infiltrate each area of your brand. This creates not only an atmosphere of genuine trust with your future buyers, but allows you more room to breathe in your own brand! If you model it after yourself, and what you like.. it's going to be so much easier to keep the passion with your project. This isn't to say that your business needs to 100% reflect you, because it WILL have it's own personality... especially if you have a team. Just keep in mind that when the core values & design ideas that you personally latch on to, really take root in your company.... it's going to make you connected to your biz in a totally unique way.

So. Back to headshots.

Do you go studio? Outdoors? In your office space? Olan Mills? JK. JK, Y'ALL.

I love creating personalized headshots for my clients, especially when they are reflective of the people that they ACTUALLY are in real life. If you like cupcakes, let's take photos with cupcakes! (GUILTY) If you like Barbecue... guess what?! I TOO love BBQ, and just took business portraits there! Or rather, my kind husband took them, and I edited them. Whatever your look is, we can achieve it. And that's important, because you are cultivating a relationship with your client from the moment that they interact with your branding.

If you're ready to transition from boring to brave, let's talk!


Taylor Heery Griffith

Hendersonville NC, USA

I'm a Wedding and Portrait photographer in Hendersonville & Asheville NC! I love sunset engagement shoots on the mountain, and also own a web design & branding  company.