iPhone photography for BUSINESS | Curating a feed

Images are one of the MOST important aspects of branding your business! It's the first thing that people see that REALLY hooks them, and draws them in towards your brand. Visual elements like color, balance and mood give your readership a sense of who you are before they ever begin their investigation of your business.

Maybe reading that last bit was super annoying for you, because you KNOW that your social feed is important, but you really have NO idea how to get started. I'm going to lay out 5 tips for creating a fun & consistent feed, using your iPhone to take amazingggg photos and hopefully help eliminate some posting woes.

1) Know your brands mood.

If your brand feels really bright & colorful, USE COLOR IN YOUR POSTING! If your brand is really minimal and neutral, stick to images with one element, and contrasting brightnesses. Your feed should feel like your brand, so use the color palette that you most identify with.

**TIP: Alternate between "light & dark" images to create a contrast on your feed.

2) Be as curated or free as you want... but STAY CONSISTENT.

Some people post images in a certain order to create "patterns" of images within their grids. This can create an amazing effect, but can also be time consuming and require more planning than you're willing to commit to. THAT'S FINE! As long as you make sure that the images you are posting are consistent with your BRAND MOOD, you'll be good to go.

3) Get creative & study!

Check out other feeds that you LOVE! How are they styling their images? Can you imagine how you would go about styling an image to suit your OWN brand? Maybe pick up some marble tiles from Lowes and use them in your images? Or find the best windows in your home or office, and set up a small table with a white poster board on top. It realllllllly doesn't take much to achieve next level photos!

4) Use WINDOW LIGHT & a GOOD phone camera!

Chances are, you have a really amazing window available to you somewhere, even if it's your local coffee shop. USE THAT PUPPY for the forces of good! stand with your back to the window, and shoot the illuminated side of your objects for an evenly lit image. Play with shadows for a more dramatic look, and always consider a different angle or perspective to infuse creativity into your shots. If you're really planning on using your phone regularly for brand imagery, it *might* be time to let go of the iPhone 6. The newer iPhones have cameras that rival DSLR's, and can really simplify your process. And who doesn't want a new phone, right?! 

5) Editing apps (consistency!)

Use Apps to help you create and maintain a consistent editing style for your feed. Hands down, the most popular option is VSCO film, which is an app that uses filters created from popular films to alter your images coloring, contrast and brightness. Play around until you find the correct feel for your images... and then STICK TO IT! 

Below is an example of a grid of iPhone images that I took this week. They aren't so "catchy catchy" but they do have a sort of mood to them. It really doesn't take much to step into the pro game with iPhone photography, and your followers will absolutely notice the difference!

Taylor Heery Griffith

Hendersonville NC, USA

I'm a Wedding and Portrait photographer in Hendersonville & Asheville NC! I love sunset engagement shoots on the mountain, and also own a web design & branding  company.