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Okay, I get it. You just launched your company, or you're a new photographer still trying to figure out the day-to-day workflow that suits you best.. and you've put your website on the BACK BURNER. Will it stay there forever?! Who knows at this point. You're in so over your head with Quickbooks, daily strategizing, workload, EMAILINGGGG, crying into your coffee, that you really don't have time to invest in your website.

You've heard terms like "SEO" and "analytics data" and you're already shuddering at the though of trying to self-educate about building a site. "Do I have to learn CSS & coding?!" "Wait, where are all of the site images going to come from? I guess I can use stock photos.. but I want my business to be unique and eye-catching!" 

You run yourself down the rabbit hole of prioritizing what's most important to your new business, and it goes something like this:

  1. Yay! I'm going to be my own boss, this is SO exciting!
  2. I need to get ORGANIZED! Make plans! 
  3. Okay.. wait. I need to get PAID. 
  5. Okay, I got one client from a friend of a friend. *WHEW.*
  6. I really need to focus on my brand so that more people will hire me.
  7. Pinterests "how to build a fresh & fun website" and pins all the things.
  8. Begins self-branding process. Cries daily into coffee.
  9. I'm unsatisfied with what I've done, "but it's better than nothing!"
  10. Over the course of MONTHS you realize that you need to serious up to grow and move forward.
  11. Admit that you've wasted time & money by not doing this sooner, but finally get professional help with your branding material and website.
  12. See your GORGEOUS new brand and ballin' website and show the ENTIRE INTERNET what your business baby has grown up into.
  13. I now spend my afternoons on a yacht rolling in piles of money wearing a golden bikini.

Okay. So that last bullet point may be a BIT exaggerated.. but hey, a girl can dream right?! 

All I'm saying is that one way or another, if you're a savvy business owner, you'll realize that having a cohesive, clean, modern & UNIQUE brand identity is what is going to set you apart from the competition. With THDCo. you can not only get gorgeous branding... but knock that website off of your daunting to-do list as well! Investing in key components of your business on the front end, will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Think of it like this.. here's what happens if you WAIT to brand & website-ify:

  • Pay for mediocre business cards $
  • Use an iPhone photo as your headshot (so profesh!) $
  • Buy and create a really basic site with no SEO $-$$
  • Randomly pay for IG, FB & Google ads *hoping* for results $-$$
  • Lack confidence in your brand & business -$
  • Realize late in the game that you'll have to start from SCRATCH -$
  • REBRAND ALL OF YOUR MATERIAL -$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

NOW. This is what is looks like if you start out the right way, and let me HELP you create your dream brand + site:

  • Pay your fees up front and get the whole kit in just 2 or 3 weeks $$$
  • Order AMAZING biz cards and print material that your future clients will love $
  • Use SEO and Analytic data to hone in on your ideal client (FREE knowledge!)
  • Use targeted Ad's to reach your client pool $-$$ 
  • Use your confidence in your brand to promote & grow your business +$$$$$$$$$

If you are so excited about your new business, and so NOT excited about branding it, I can HELP YOUUUUUU! Come on, let's do this together, and do it right the first time.

Taylor Heery Griffith

Hendersonville NC, USA

I'm a Wedding and Portrait photographer in Hendersonville & Asheville NC! I love sunset engagement shoots on the mountain, and also own a web design & branding  company.