For this one, you'll want to either grab a pen and paper or open up a word doc. (You know that I prefer the MacBook to the paper for something like this, so that I can easily find it anytime!) 

Having trouble figuring out who your target audience is? This will help.


  1. Okay, first give that person a name.
  2. How old are they?
  3. Where do they live? City & state, or country.
  4. What is their life like? Single or married? Working a lot, or making time for fun? 
  5. What’s their educational background? Did they finish high school and then went out into the real world right away? Maybe they went to college and had the bank of Mom and Dad pay for it? Or were they the college student with 2 part time jobs and yet they’re still going to be paying off loans forever?
  6. What about their professional profile? What business do they work for? Do they like their job or is there room for improvement? Are they driven working up the corporate ladder? Did they throw the traditional life plan out the window and are living the laptop lifestyle while sipping on fresh coconuts? Are they just checking in from 9-5, but really their focus is on a side gig?
  7. How much do they make a year? Are they trying to make more money? Are they scraping by or do they have money in savings?
  8. Now get into their hobbies & personal life. What are they up to in their free time? Are they a workaholic who spends their free time working?
  9. Are they religious, spiritual, maybe a bit nutty?
  10. What are their hopes and dreams for the future? What does their ideal life look like? DO they plan to stay where they are or change directions?



Alright, now we know their life pretty well and what they’re up to everyday, it’s about time we learn about the other businesses, people, causes and interests they love and engage with. It’s important not just to note who they follow but also get into the why they invest their time too. So for this part, definitely investigate the root causes for their WHY..

  1. What brands are they wearing every day? What brands are aspirational for them that they’d love to buy from? Why do they like these brands? What about these brands attracts them?
  2. What are they watching? The Kardashians, Jeopardy or tuning into every Presidential debate? Do they binge on bad reality TV or documentaries? Or are they screen free "I don’t watch TV!’ people? Why? Why do they spend time watching these shows? What about them do they like? 
  3. Moving on over to social media, who are they following online and why? Bloggers? What social media channels are they on, which do they hate? Which did they follow because their friends did? Why do they follow those certain accounts on social media? Why are they on one social outlet, but not another?
  4. Are they traveling every couple months, or do they not own a passport?
  5. Are they reading magazines? Or are they just checking them out online these days? Which magazines? What do they like about the magazines they are reading? Why do they read them?



Okie, now we want to get to understand what’s going on on the inside. 

  1. What emotions are they dealing with? What are their fears and worries? What stresses them on the daily?
  2. What aspects of their life are they unhappy with? Which of those do they have control over? How can you help?



And lastly, moving on over to what your business does.

  1. Does your business offer something that solves a problem or does your business offer something that is a product/service?
  2. When it comes to the thing you offer, what’s important to them? Are they on the ‘save the environment’ train so they want it to be eco-friendly? Maybe they recently read an article about how many chemicals are in their products, so the most important thing to them is chemical-free? They’re passionate for animals and therefore they won’t buy anything tested on animals? Or does all of that not matter? Are they shopping based on price point? Or are they willing to pay more for exceptional service or a fast turn around? What’s most important to them when deciding between your business and another which offers something similar? Or does the business not really matter to them, are they shopping based purely on the product? Are they shopping for the jeans that make their butt look best and they couldn’t care less about anything else? Or are they just buying something to own an item from the brand?
  3. What are their hesitations about buying? What do they need to know before deciding on the purchase? Is branding critical? (HINT: YES)
  4. What information or service or feature would make your product/service a simple yes? What can you do to calm their fears and help them make a decision?
  5. If your business solves a problem, what are they concerned will happen if they don’t solve this problem? Where will they be a couple months or a year from now if they don’t take the leap and buy?


From section 1: Write directly to your potential client. Take whatever aspect of your ideal client thats important and related to your business, and write like you ‘know’ them on your site. Use gender specific terms if your audience is predominately male of female. Targeting people in a certain city or area of the country? Use the regional slang and terminology. ‘Y’all," "eh," "'nuff," and "MEH" are some that I use frequently. 

From section 2: If you’re struggling with the style and look of your brand and site, it’s a good idea to get to mood boarding on Pinterest. Making a board full of the stuff your ideal client already likes and follow, will help you see the visual image of the brands they already identify with. Start jotting down similarities. This should help guide you begin creating your own mood board and color palette.