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Making sure that your brand and your business are in perfect sync. 


Tired of having an embarrassing website that does NOTHING for your business?

We don't blame you.


Imagine a new website in just two weeks.

It is totally possible with THDCo. With careful planning, communication and lots of fun design we create the perfect website for your business. 

No need to rely on your Facebook business page or typing the same emails over and over. Your website will work for YOU and for your clients.


If you don't have a clean & professional looking website...

You're LOSING customers.

Have you ever made a choice that you later discovered was most definitely the best decision? That is exactly what it felt like to work with Taylor Heery. Taylor was extremely professional from the beginning of designing my website until the final touches. She took the time to learn what I wanted others to value about my business. After filling out an initial questionnaire, Taylor was able to pinpoint the look and image I had envisioned. Without having to articulate my every thought, Taylor was able to produce a complete profile of the key ideas I wished to portray to clients. A most impressive part of my experience with Taylor was her work ethics; any suggestion or idea I shared was tended to immediately. Taylor works smart, quick, and extremely efficiently.
— Kelli Delperdang - Asheville Ayes


we know websites. sharing knowledge makes all of us better business professionals.

Alright, am i speaking to you yet?


Instead of trying to DIY your website and spending time (time = money) that you *could* be investing in your business... let's work together to create a client wow-ing website in just 2-3 weeks.

Sounds like a dream, huh?


Let's work together!

We can create a website in just two weeks that will change your whole business. YES REALLY.


Summer & Fall 2018+



Brand Design
Website Creation
Logo Refresh
E-Commerce Design
Custom Icons
Social Media Coaching

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Oh! And before you go, here's a quick bit about me.

I'm a Wedding Photographer / Mother / Squarespace Web Designer & Photographer.