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Completing this form will help me understand your project requirements and expectations. I recommend doing the research portions before completing this submission.

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Design Questions
Do you have a domain name registered? If so, what is it? If you do not have one, please list your top choices.
Do you currently have a website provider? THDCo. works exclusively with Squarespace platforms, your existing domain will need to be migrated, or you will need to purchase a new one.
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Ideal Start Date
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Ideal Finish Date
Is there a date when the project needs to be completed?
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Goals & Objectives
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Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – i.e. ranking well in Google - an important objective for your website project?
If you have a current site..
Check out your competition
1) List websites that show color combinations that you like. 2) List websites that have a look and feel that appeals to you: List adjectives that describe what you like about the look and feel of the site. (e.g.: modern, traditional, clean, clear, and professional.) 3) List websites with design elements do you like: and please specify what you like on the site.
(e.g.; Dark background, drop-down menus, etc.) Feel free to link to sites you don’t like and tell me what it is about the site that you dislike.
Your Message & Audience
(e.g.; middle age women local to Hendersonville who are interested in wellness)
Do you want people to Call? Buy? Register? Subscribe? Donate? Browse your Portfolio?
Planning your website
If you have existing fonts, please list them here. If not, please state whether you prefer serif, sans-serif or something else.
(e.g.: blog, multiple authors, shopping cart, PayPal buttons, event calendar, etc.)
Is the content already created for this site? *
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If yes, provide your YouTube or Vimeo link
Will you or your staff require Squarespace training?