AH, SO you made it this far.


You need help. Majorly. And you need it now, or maybe last month or maybe two years ago. 

Let me help you.



Here are the steps to creating a brand identity, crafting a custom website and OFFICIALLY launching 🚀:


• The first thing we willl do is have you fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE and sign up for a CONSULTATION call. This will give me a good idea of the direction that we are heading in with your brand, and what the best routes to get started are! After that we will..

• Create a mood board that reflects the feel, style and sort of imagery that you’re looking for. This can include photos of anything that grabs your attention, logos that you love, other websites, etc.

• Brainstorm what pages you envision having on your website. Do some research on your competitors to see what you LOVE that they’re doing, and what you think you could do better.

• Once we’ve nailed down the pages, work on the CONTENT. This means writing out the text for your site in word docs. This text will get copied and placed into the necessary areas on your site. I can assist with copywriting, or honing wording to suit your “ideal client” base.

• Compile a list of “keywords” that you will use to identify your business and brand

• Create a Mission Statement for your company that clarifies what your business is all about and why you’re the top choice in your field.



• This is where we pull all of your inspo into one cohesive brand identity! (HONESTLY it’s the best part, NGL.)

• Finalize a logo design, color scheme, fonts & imagery.

• Craft your custom site! Include forms with personality, custom CSS designs, gorgeous imagery and personalized design touches around your site.

• Take any headshots or branded imagery for your site (if applicable!)


• This is when we blast all over everywhere that you’re going LIVE.

• Select your domain, purchase your site, choose a dedicated email address. Fun stuff!


• Link your site to Google Keywords and begin tracking how and from where people are finding your site!

• Use SEO strategies to increase your search results, keywords to refine your data and watch the customers roll in!

This whole process takes as little as two weeks when you are dedicated to your brand and business, and are consistently communicating information with me. 

If you do not supply needed information in a timely manner, THDCo. Reserves the right to suspend your account at the end of two weeks and put you at the end of the calendar docket. Because we book out two weeks at a time, if you are not prepared with your content, you may be delayed for your launch, or have to pay an expedition fee for lateness.


To be a succesSful business

you need a functional and gorgeous website.

Here's how it works:


You can choose one of our design plans, or build a custom package.






• Fully functional website
• 10-15 page website
• SEO optimization
• Custom icons & design
• Formalized color scheme
• Squarespace training
• Website launch assistance





• Fully functional website
• 10-15 page website
• SEO optimization
• Custom design
• Formalized color scheme
• Squarespace training
• Website launch assistance


• Logo Suite (up to 3)
• Business Cards

IMAGERY + $350

• Branded site imagery 


3 Week website + Imagery OR + Branding



• Fully functional website
• 10-20 page website
• SEO optimization
• Custom icons & design
• Formalized color scheme
• Squarespace training
• Website launch assistance

CHOOSE between Imagery OR branding:


• Professional headshots
• Branded site imagery
• Staff Photos (up to 3) 


• Logo Suite (up to 5)
• Business Cards
• Marketing Materials

3 Week website + Imagery + BRANDING



• Fully functional website
• 15-25 Page website
• SEO optimization
• Custom icons & design
• Formalized color scheme
• Squarespace training
• Website launch assistance


• Professional headshots
• Branded site imagery
• Staff Photos (up to 3) 


• Logo Suite (up to 5)
• Business Cards
• Marketing Materials


• Marketing Material Design $200+
• Copywriting $300+
• Headshots $200+
• Pre-made 9 Grid for IG $200
• Marketing Consulting $150
• Small Website Refresh $600
• Additional pages $250

SEO Optimization

If you have an existing Squarespace site, and are in need of SEO optimization and keywording research, we can help you!  

We LOVE making sure that you're top of the class when it comes to web searches. SEO and proper keyboarding can really enhance and change the way that your business appears in searches across the internet, and help potential clients find your business amongst the 1000's of others that are listed online. SEO is the leading way that web developers get their clients listed on Google and Yahoo!


After you choose a plan We will skype to discuss your website goals

You'll complete booking by paying 50% of your balance to reserve your two (or three) weeks on the calendar.


website design questionnaire

after you choose a time for our consultation call, you'll need to fill out the web design questionnaire. during our call, we'll discuss your answers to the questionnaire.


After you book... AN ALL ACCESS PASS!


we'll email you the password to enter the client lounge. Here, you'll get to explore and utilize all of our planning and content creation tools.


See? This is going to be a breeze.


Creating Your

THDCo. can put your business
on the map in just 2 weeks.

Okay, i'm ready. Let's do it!


You're just a few clicks away from starting a website that could CHANGE YOUR business.




+ Where does the content for my site come from?

Well from YOU of course! As soon as you sign up, you'll receive and email with the password to the Client Lounge, where you'll find the website planning workbook that will guide you through the process.

+ When do I pay?

50% is due to book your two week period, and the remaining 50% is due at the end of your two weeks, just before your launch!

+ How long will I have to spend doing this?

Your job is pretty easy! If you're starting with a website already, then chances are, you can re-use a lot of your content.

Client homework: 1 hr - 10 hrs. This includes creating a Pinterest inspiration board, completing 2 questionnaires (if you're not choosing branding or imagery, it's just one!) & creating content. If you're starting from scratch, and have no images or copy already written, than expect closer to 10. If you are starting with existing content, then that number will drop.

Week 1: 90 Minutes for our consultation

Week 2: 30 mins per homework list item, 1.5 hrs for squarespace training lesson Skype / FaceTime. 90 Minutes for pre-launch call.

+ What is REALLY included?

Well, heaps of bad jokes and exactly two barks of my dog during our phone calls.

Nah, really you're getting all kind of fun and amazing stuff: Your own personal Website Chef that is going to walk you through the scary process of building a bomb.com website. 1.5 hour training session, expert advice, propmt reply emails, and a full launch day prep packet. • Cutsomized 10 page website • Built in SEO • Analytics integration with Google • Modern, clean and CUSTOMIZED design • Brand identity advice & coaching

If you choose the design + image session: • Personally branded imagery for your amazing new website & social media • Dedicated branding & marketing materials to show off to all those new clients • Color scheme • PRO looking headshots that you'll want to plaster all over the internet • Logo suite with up to 5 vatiations

+ How much is Squarespace hosting?

You can choose to purchase your website hosting either monthly at $18/mo or yearly at $212/yr.

You can begin paying for your site once design is completed, or if you're concerned about securing your domain, it can be purchased immediately when we begin.

+ I want to keep my domain name, what do I do?!

Keep it! Your domain is totally copatible with your new site, we promise. If you don't know the login information to access your domain settings though, you'll want to figure that out ASAP.

Did you know: You can add multiple domains to your site to increase your reach to clients?

+ What if I need more than 10 pages?

Additional web pages are easily added to your plan! Each page is $250/ea.

+ Okay, i'm all in. How do I book with you?

Booking is simple!

Firstly, we will schedule a consultation call to talk about your site and vision, and choose your start date.

Lastly, once you've decided that you're going to have the best website around, i'll send you an invoice and a contract. Once i've received both, you'll be OFFICIALLY booked on the calendar and can begin your content creation period!